Freestall Agricultural Facility

In a collaborative partnership between Oklahoma State University and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, we facilitated a national demonstration of 10-250 watt metal halide fixtures replaced with 10 custom-engineered LEDs high-bay fixtures. The project resulted in a validated 55% energy savings, 30% increase in footcandles and even early evidence of increased milk production from the cows. The project also included relighting an egg-laying facility home to 88,000 hens. Our work included comparing the light output and energy savings resulting from a conversion of 9-watt CFLs to a 3-watt LED modular lighting system. Early results suggest enhanced light levels, a more robust lighting system, a validated 6,285 k/Wh savings and an estimated $117,000 savings over a projected 8-year service life if the entire 35-house egg laying facility was converted to LEDs. We discovered agricultural facilities can be one of the most profitable applications of SSL.

Research Report

  • - Matched photometric performance to the 10 watt CFLs they replaced

  • - Technology payback of 4 years
  • - Early light degradation reported after 8 months

  • - Slight percentage increase in bird weight and feed efficiency reported from LED birds compared to birds in CFL house

  • - Birds more calm, less agitated under LED lighting systems